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2019 IRSW Resources
Download these different resources that you can use to help increase public awareness of safety near railroad tracks

Welcome to the Illinois Rail Safety Week Resource Library.

Here you’ll find our flyers, documents, activity sheets, and press releases to enhance your participation during the Rail Safety campaign and throughout the year.

All of the resources on this page are FREE for you to access. Check back often, as new resources are added on a regular basis.

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IRSW 6th Annual Poster

IRSW Poster design 1 8.5×11

IRSW Poster design 1 11×17

IRSW Poster design 2 8.5×11

IRSW Poster design 2 11×17

IRSW Poster design 3 8.5×11

IRSW Poster design 3 11×17

IRSW Baloons Poster

Children’s Activities

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Warning Flyer for Motorists

Warning Flyer for Motorists

First Responder Safety Tips


Activity Tracking Sheet

Get Involved Letter

IVC Railroad Related Enforcement Reference List

Governor’s Proclamation

Press Releases

10 Tips to Save Your Life

Bicycle Safety Tips

Farm Machinery Safety Tips

Illinois Rail Facts

Main Release for Agencies

Make Safety Your Priority

Passenger Rail Safety Tips

Pedestrian Safety Tips

Professional Driver Tips

Train vs Vehicle And Pedestrian Collisions

What most Americans do not Know About Trains